October 9, 2017

Red Box Mendoza

Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
This wine is dedicated to my daughter. It´s nice to talk about her, keep her always present. As a father, I am proud of developing projects that carry her name. It is a way to keep believing in my dreams.” That’s what Chino Yacopini told us when he came to the agency to start this project with his friend Mark Mayne, one of the people in charge of carrying out the project.

Elegance, quality and exclusivity is what characterizes Chiara Wines as one of the most exclusive wines in Argentina. With 2000 bottles only, this wine, whose name comes from the owner’s daughter, seeks to represent friendship, the bonds that are generated through life, adversities and how to overcome them, and above all, differentiation with the competition.

Made entirely from carved metal for Chino Yacopini.

Creative Agency : Red Box Mendoza

Locality : Mendoza, Argentina

Project : Chiara