February 24, 2017

Léa Marque & Chassagne Camille

Honey is a precious essence and has many reflects. Like a gemstone. Honey becomes a product of an inestimable quality thanks to all species that compose the production chain (vegetable, animal and human) and mostly thanks to the achievement of the bees. Our concept is all about unique jewel, light and reflection.
Our packaging is an interlocking of the three parts of the key system to the production of honey and its balance. These three parts (the two parts and the bottle) represent the vegetal, the animal and the human. Interlocking echoes to the structure of the honey bees’ hive. These tree elements cannot work independently to create honey. We make our packaging around the bottle to see the light through the jar of honey. We wanted a packaging with a touch of wonder. For the cap, it’s allude to the hive but in a more abstract way.

Creative Agency : Léa Marque & Chassagne Camille

Locality : Bordeaux, France

Project : Quintessence