February 22, 2017

Jaskiran Kaur

MTL Grooming is a company which provides beard grooming kits that contain beard oil and balm. They use natural and high-quality ingredients. When caring for a beard it is important for men to use the correct quantity of beard oil this is why the oil is packaged in pills that must be popped to apply the product onto their beards, this ensures the perfect amount of product.The packaging is designed using the different stages of beard growth: Grow this is when you have decided to grow a beard, Growing this is the stage where you are thinking of quitting and Grown this stage you have a full grown beard and plan on keeping it for as long as possible. The lines on the packaging represent hair growth they get longer and thicker as it reaches grown.

Creative Agency : Jaskiran Kaur

Locality : Montreal, Canada

Project : MTL Grooming – Beard Grooming Kit