December 2, 2016

The Good Guys


– Multigrain porridge with bites of apple and pumpkin seeds
– Barley and quinoa porridge

Pre-cooked food continues it´s growth. Unil develops their pre-cooked porridge within the category. The porridge portions are quick and easy to prepare. They only need 3 minutes heating in the microwave. The products will be placed in the cooler shelves with other pre-cooked meals and porridges.

The client was looking for a modern and simple design, preferably with illustrations and photo in a combination. The goal was to communicate a quick breakfast/snack, a pure taste, with a colourful expression. The target group is age 20-40 years, trendy and health conscious.

Several product advantages had to be communicated in a small area. More flavors could be added. So we needed to take into consideration both family resemblance and coding during the design process.

A combination of brushstrokes, penstrokes and photo were chosen from a wide specter of technics tested. The techniques gives a dynamic and characteristic expression. It also gives a great stop effect on the shelf. This modern solution communicates health and “on the go». It has preserved the white expression caracteristic for Fersk & Ferdig product line. Transparency to the product is integrated as a natural part of the design.

Creative Agency : The Good Guys

Locality : Oslo, Norway

Designers : Sasha Milic and Anette Brekke-Bjørkedal

Illustrations : Sasha Milic

Project Manager : Janne Stensnes

Consultant : Espen Berg

Client : Unil