December 31, 2016

SAAD Studio

Preparing itself for a new phase, Membracel (a medical solutions company) contacted saad branding+design to conduct the launch of new products and the expansion of its business. Since the name Membracel, which referred to one of their products, would not be ideal to accommodate new releases, a creative, coherent, and structured company-repositioning was needed.

After surveys and interviews with patients and healthcare professionals, it became clear that by looking through new perspectives and seeing all patients needs — not only their diseases — the brand would be greatly differentiating itself from the competitors. Through the intersection of information, an inspiring name was created: Vuelo, a noun that in spanish means “flight” and is associated with concepts such as transience, change and freedom. The New Possibilities tagline invites people to look at life from new perspectives and is highly adaptable: New Ways, New Views, New Opportunities, etc. The graphical approach is bold and synthetic: the baseline represents ground, protection, support, besides functioning as a highlight.

The package is really connected to the visual identity: during the ritual of the opening the type comes up while the baseline stays down, a metaphor to flight. On the inside, the brand manifest is presented remembering Vuelo’s human core. On the outside the baseline is used to make patterns on the packaging sides, creating movement and different layouts of bold colors that stand out on the shelves. Icons were constructed to communicate important information more quickly and friendly.

What is unique:

The packaging materializes the unique mission to holistically help patients and healthcare professionals by overcoming negative thinking and inspiring new ways of seeing life. The rebrand and repositioning of the company was about standing in the shoes of others.

Creative Agency : SAAD Studio

Locality : Brasil

Project : Vuelo Pharma