December 28, 2016

Meroo Seth and Nachiket Jadhav

Branding and Packaging done for Elixir Shop, a brand by Look Beyond, is a family company that brings you authentic and natural essential oil based products. Started in 2015, Elixir Shop believes in only chemical and preservative free products that help you with your hair, skin, and body. Their range also includes products for your home. From their exceptional oil serums to moisturisers and balms, Elixir shop aims to excel and bring you the finest quality products.

They create skincare products that are as simple as possible. Pure ingredients, readable labelling, honest recipes made with lots of understanding, care and love. When it comes to cosmetics, they are more interested in health and nature and purity of product. The products are artisanal, handcrafted, with only natural ingredients.Considering the nature of the brand. The symbolic form of lotus is inspired from how it symbolises purity. The lotus form suggests how some drops of pure oils can give an amazing glow to skin and heal. The floral form depicts the natural factor of the products. The logo as a whole shows life in a pure form. The look and feel of the brand is modern, re?ned and elegant in nature.The product is working with nature’s pure harmony and it symbolises a hope to touch as many people as it can with its positivity and aura.

Designers : Meroo Seth and Nachiket Jadhav 

Locality : India

Project : Elixir shop