October 16, 2017

Miguel Batista

Discover the interview of Miguel Batista, Nektar Brand Advertisers, located in Lisbon, Portugal.
Website: www.nektarbrand.com

How did you become designer ?

As far as I can remember, drawing, pencils, sketching is part of my daily life. I remember having 5, and try to draw exactly what my eyes see, not what my hand could do. And with time, things got their natural path… Got academic education in arts, later on I went to a higher education in graphic design. Since then, I must confess, I never stopped designing. Therefore, there’s no timeline dated, about “becoming a designer”.

How would you define your vision of design, your style ?

That’s an interesting question: design is what makes the difference. Does improve peoples lives? Does this or that different material make a big difference? Wow what a beautiful garden, the garden benches layout were thoughts in order to get 4 P.M. shade? What about the material? Are so smooth!
Is there a kindergarten nearby? With anti-sock floor and water for the children? It’s all about details. Graphic design is just a small part of all this entire metamorphosis. Looking specifically into graphic, I’m a huge fan of those who keep the design family together. A different design, with a different layout for different platforms, but you never lose the identity. That’s the biggest challenge a designer can get, and within this process, this natural, ongoing process, your brand (or design) keep growing and evolute. Regarding my style, I just like people to read, period! I think the details are very important and we need became obsessive enough to reach higher layers of discussion in order to understand what people really want or need. That job, belongs to the designer literally. I became ware of that during my design growing evolution and implementation of new material, questions and necessary doubts. Keep question your self, that’s my design.

For the future, what are your professional projects ?

I would like to get into a global brand, design, animation. I love the power that animation can have in us. It’s a 3D life, much different from the “flat” world of design 2D. To create a character, a brand character, that speaks like that, that communicates with several targets that specific way. It’s a very challenging task.
I would love to cross feed with different culture, or, even perhaps working outside, for a few years. The larger your point of view gets, better professional you became.

What do you like the most in your job ?

People’s face. I love to see peoples face, looking to one of my products or smiling out of nothing. It is very important if we can decode what people like, what people love. If you are able to do that, you got 70% of your job done! You should be able to read people’s mind. I love doing that.

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