May 7, 2018

Ivan Venkov

Discover the interview of Ivan Venkov.

How did you become designer ?

I grew up in the atelier of my father, Emil Venkov, who was a well renown sculptor in Slovakia. This has naturally led me to pursue of creative crafts and art. I began sculpting at the age of thirteen, the easiest was to learn realistic sculpting, but the difficult part was creating abstract shapes as these had to be created on a basis of a new logical system. It took years before I made anything worth mentioning, but the hard work payed off greatly in my next area of interest – design. Naturally, it also took some time to learn how to adapt the knowledge into simplified aesthetics. However, the great aid in design is the function itself, which becomes a core and basis of a visual style or system so once you master your style, you can apply it to any object.

How would you define your vision of design, your style ?

Sculptural design, simple as that. I utilize sharp and round forms and strive to create ideal compositions revolving around the function. Also, the level of complexity I bring into shaping is a bit different than in usual designs, this aspect also tends to push the manufacturing possibilities to their limit – as it should by the way, people are used too much for the “easy way out” – so by this token, the designs (if budget permits) get more expensive and can be considered as “luxury”, though I do not aim for that necessarily and adhere to either manufacturing or budget limits if there are such.

For the future, what are your professional projects ?

For the near future – I will work mostly with a range of premium to luxury level glass designs of bottles for different clients and projects. My long term aim is my own brand of high-end designs for home decor and ultimatively – architecture where I believe I could show visual quality that has never been done before. We live in an age where designers and architects can fully utilize creation in 3D and space, yet most of them do not know how to use the software and when they do, they lack the in-depth experience of shape creation such as a thorough training in sculpting. So, all in all, I would like to show what is possible when you have everything you can attain to propel the creation of new aesthetics.

What do you like the most in your job ?

Freedom. There of course sometimes ideas of what your client wishes you to create or budgetary limits, but summed up, I have freedom to create what I see as fit and correct based on my experience and people usually fully trust my opinion. I can also manage my time very freely so that’s a big advantage. Also, I get to visit factories and I love factories!




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