January 22, 2018

Belen Paoletti

Discover the interview of Belen Paoletti.
Website: www.belenpaoletti.com

How did you become designer ?

I knew I wanted to be Graphic Designer when I was 15 years old, someone told me about this career and I just knew that’s what I wanna do in my life. I got into college when I was 18 years old. I always loved my career but when I finally finished my university studies I felt that I still needed something more to become a designer. When I was 23 years old I moved to Holland where I lived for a year and it gave me the opportunity to travel around Europe. I came back with a different point of view that helped me to find my vision as a designer. I also believe that a good designer has to capacitate constantly, I have studied marketing, social media, publicity, communication, lettering, and many other may not be directly related to my career but give me a more open vision of the world that surrounds us.

How would you define your vision of design, your style ?

I think that the designer must interact permanently with the client, working together and acting on the concrete commercial necessity of the product. I believe that the stage prior to design, that is the one in which we dialog with the customer, draw their main points of view about the product and establish with it the objectives to achieve, is as important or even more than the design stage itself. The client / designer interaction makes us participate in a project that exceeds the design and places us as another component in the chain of production. Design without a concept is like a person without a soul.

For the future, what are your professional projects ?

I have several projects for the future. I am currently opening an agency with 3 partners where I plan to dump all my knowledge of design, communication and digital marketing. As I said before, I like to be constantly growing and capacitating myself in all the disciplines I can. Also, I hope to continue traveling around the world that is my biggest classroom.

What do you like the most in your job ?

Designing is for me to get into the mind and soul of consumers. It is a fantastic work that connects me with people and their different ways of feeling and living, their different realities. I especially like packaging design because it is one of the most complete branches of design since it addresses from the objectivity that provides the necessary analysis of the target to the subjectivity coming from their particular tastes and preferences. A packaging incorporates editorial design, industrial design, image design, illustration, composition, strategy, and so many other simultaneous challenges that make it a very interesting and entertaining work.

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