November 13, 2017

Anna Takacs

Discover the interview of Anna Takacs, located in Budapest, Hungary.

How did you become designer ?

I’m seeing myself objectively, being aware that I’m at the beginning of my journey to call myself a designer. It started with the cliché that I’ve always liked to draw, and my massively supportive family meant the crucial factor. However, I wouldn’t say it was a clean-cut path. I was learning pretty hard in high school to make those high scores and get into a great economical university. In July they wrote me that I got accepted; the only problem was that I didn’t feel that utterly happiness. I was like: ’Ok Anna, you’ve reached everything you planned, now move on and give a chance finally to that artistic part you’re trying to avoid.’ So some days later I started drawing super crazy. In a few weeks I made a portfolio with which I could apply for the spare-admission to the art uni, I pretty liked actually. I received a ’succesfully accepted’ mail again, but this time it came with that gut feeling, I know this is my way. All of that was four years ago, and since then it’s crystal clear there’s no other trade I would be better at, nor I could love this devotedly.

How would you define your vision of design, your style ?

I would change the word ’style’ in your question to attributes or characteristic features. Right now I don’t feel like I want to have an exact style. I just enjoy being a chameleon. Overall I like sharp, clean lines, statement geometry, detail focused, minimalist attitude; and making those lovely mistakes when I’m trying to do something new I know I’m not good at. What takes me further and further is my constant curiosity and experimental approach. If I find something in the project that catches my interest, my full attention gets focused and brings me to that deep flow phase I can’t live without.

For the future, what are your professional projects ?

I’m planning to stay in Hungary for two more years to work and extend my portfolio. Then I’ll apply for opportunities abroad and spend there at least one year in order to develop my skills and be a member of a new team, experiencing different mindsets.

What do you like the most in your job ?

Being a designer means to me that I have opinion; an idea I can communicate, discuss, or even debate about assertively. The thinking process of my concept is the phase I enjoy the most, feeling that power and joy of creating. Reaching that ’aha-moment’, when every piece goes into its rightful place, is the best.

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