March 10, 2019


Come Christmas time, we like to send a bottle of traditional mulled wine to our clients and friends so they can enjoy a festive tipple on us.

Reimagined each year, our designs have ranged from 2012’s Original Winter Warmer (the only sure and trusted way to ward off the icy claw of winter and survive the manifold strifes of the festive season) to 2010’s Warmest Wishes (a neat little pun on this traditional heated drink!).

This is our tenth year in business and our tenth year’s design. To celebrate we designed a label with the word ‘Xmas’ wrapping around the bottle highlighting the ‘X’ through gold foil and embossing and subtlety printing the ‘mas’ gloss black onto the black uncoated stock. Each bottle is sealed and stamped with gold wax on the bottle top wrapped in black tissue and wax sealed on the front.

Designer : Buddy

Locality : Exeter, United Kingdom

Project : Buddy Mulled Wine