August 8, 2018


This is a conceptual packaging project on Lijjat Papad. One day, during my research on the project, I noticed their existing packaging and I was very disappointed. Lijjat being such a famous brand and hence having a good profit margin, have not spent enough money and time on their packaging.The product is exported worldwide,thus should have some packaging standards. Yet the product is exported in its poor packaging.

There are various problems with the existing packaging. One of them is the material being used to pack. Plastic packaging not just looks bad but also is very bad for health. The content on the packaging is not readable.

My concept and solution to these problems were, firstly to use foil packaging, with a zip lock mechanism. The zip lock mechanism will not only keep the papad air tight but will also act as a container, so that the consumer doesn’t need to find a seperate box to store the papads.

Through the design, the idea was to depict a lady through my designs for packaging to show the women strength in this organisation.
Lijjat Papad’s mascot, the rabbit is also removed from the graphics because of this reason itself , that is the women should be their mascot and not rabbit. The design needed to be extremely attractive to stand out and be eye catchy.

Designer :Vidhisha Kedia

Locality : Bengaluru, India

Project : Lijjat Papad Packaging