November 22, 2018

Transform Design

The name of Three Leafs, derived from the method of tea picking of one-tip with three-leaf. Selecting only the buds and sprouts from the top leaves, this strict selection represents the insistence on tea quality. Starting from the Taiwanese oolong tea, focusing on orthodox method of tea brewing rather than established impression of regional classification, Three Leafs guides the comers to re-explore all types of handpicked teas grew in this island.

In addition to cultivating good tea, Three Leafs aims to return some of the profits from sales to tea farmers, bringing more professional and value affirmation to them, and re-positioning them in a role as a tea craftsman. The tea craftsmen are the leaders of the taste and the inheritor of the tea. Following the traditional and complicated method of tea making, they give each tea the most unique flavor according to different trees and lands. Through the brand construction and promotion, Three Leafs established a bridge between the world and Taiwanese oolong tea.

Designer : Transform Design

Locality : Taipei, Taiwan