June 20, 2018

Rubecon Communications

For over 40 years, Lanson has been manufacturing and exporting appalams – a healthy, delicious, traditional Indian food made with lentils (urad dhal). Now, the company is launching a series of bite-sized appalams under a new brand – specifically to cater to the younger market. We were tasked with creating an identity that would appeal to youngsters while staying rooted in tradition. We started with the name Popodax – derived from ‘popodum’ – a form of appalam. To create a new visual language, we took inspiration from the way appalams were first sold – in traditional koodais (baskets).

Back in the day, appalams were an integral part of the culinary culture in South India – the sellers would walk through the streets carrying these special baskets to bring appalams into the lives of thousands of families. We wanted to bring this same age-old goodness into our packaging. That’s why we felt that this imagery was central to introducing today’s youth to yesterday’s wisdom.

Designer :Rubecon Communications

Locality : Chennai, India

Project : Popodax