February 6, 2018

Radar Advertising

Antiseptic package design for travel.
Develop a logo and corporate identity for a new line of Voyage cosmetics with adaptation to all SKUs.

The new brand includes hand cream, wet wipes, as well as a disinfector for hands and various surfaces. All these products are sold individually or in a convenient cosmetic bag so that they can be taken on the road.

Based on this information, we started to work. As the main color, blue is chosen as a symbol of water and purification. The letter V resembles the end of the water droplet. An icon appears from it, indicating protection, moistening and purity. The letter G in the logo is stylized under the arrow, which has a round-the-world trip meaning to it.

Creative Agency : Radar Advertising

Locality : Chelyabinsk, Russia

Project : Voyage

Designer : Daniil Shumakov

Strategic director : Татьяна Шашлова

Strategic planner : Кирилл Баннов