February 1, 2018


Mint Bridging is a Manchester company that is dedicated to the concession of a particular type of loans called bridge loans. They contact us with the idea of renewing their corporate identity, which was a little bit outdated. The name of the company refers to two elements: the mint and the bridges that establish the loans in which they have specialized, and it was from these elements that we decided to build the new image.

The first thing we did was to design a figure that would refer to the mint – the most clear reference – composed of a series of leaves linked to each other by “bridges” generated from the line itself. The color chosen for the figure was the green of the plant. For the name of the company, on the other hand, we use a geometric typeface presented in bold in the first word of the name.

Once the new image of Mint Bridging was designed, we proceeded to design graphic applications such as business cards, badges, paper bags, totebags, corporate envelopes, posters and merchandising. Along with corporate identity and applications, we also develop their new web page with a responsive design that allows the potential customers to find all the information they need in an intuitive and comfortable way.

In this way Mint Bridging has renewed its corporate image, much more in line with current standards and able to withstand the passage of time without losing its intention or what it embodies. In short, a change as refreshing as the mint that represents them.

Creative Agency : Pixelarte

Locality : Valencia, Spain

Project : Mint Bridging