June 17, 2018

Lucía Antruejo Tovar

I presented a project for a line of chocolates filled with flavors called “Heart”. The main concepts followed to make the packaging and identity are: quality, freshness and tradition. The proposal is a line of chocolates very vital but at the same time elegant, which makes clear that point of seriousness and experience.

The image for the line reflect the passion with which chocolates are made, as well as the quality of the raw materials with which the most imaginative and sophisticated varieties of chocolate work. The result is a line of five chocolates: mint, strawberry, orange, truffle and mocha. For the design of the packaging a chromatic range has been used according to each type of chocolate but at the same time with colors that are not too flashy or saturated, but rather serious and elegant that reflect the concepts of the briefing. In addition, a very subtle pattern has been used with very fine and worked lines that gradually draw the shape of the heart from the inside (the heart of the chocolate) to the outside.

Designer :Lucía Antruejo Tovar

Locality : Valladolid, Spain

Project : Corazón