February 13, 2018

Jacson França Design Consulting

The Cavalaria Martín Fierro is a place dedicated to the love of horses, where you can get in touch with nature and breathe fresh air. Aimed at those who enjoy a good cavalcade and a chimarrão with friends, Cavalaria Martín Fierro, is located at the foot of the gaucho mountain range, in Bom Princípio, Vale do Caí – Brazil.
This work originated from the concept of redemption of the horse and the visceral freedom of its acts, having as support the archetype of the explorer, translating and telling the history of the tracks to the horse that originated the place, and are done together with the visitors and, also, to the Gaúcho Martín Fierro of the poem of José Hernández, literary work of great popularity in Argentina.

Creative Agency : Jacson França Design Consulting

Locality : São Leopoldo, Brasil

Project : The Cavalaria Martín Fierro

Client : Cavalaria Martin Fierro