February 4, 2018


BrasUp is an “automatic bonfire” for barbacues:
The company patented a bold and extremely easy-to-use product combining natural carbon, a cardboard box and an inner wood pipe. The old version of this packaging had low performance on supermarkets produced by the low graphic quality, was impossible to understand and it was totally generic.

Our agency was commissioned for 3 tasks:
Make product visibility on supermarkets the higher possible
Improve customer understanding of the product on first contact (non existing product)
Redesign the visual identity to make the brand feel “natural and burly”.

The new box:
– Is 4 times more visible on stores
– Is made of recicled cardboard
– It explains itself clearly and quikly
– Has a strong identity
– Outstands from their competitors

Creative Agency : Gonni

Locality : Buenos Aires, Argentina

Project : BrasUp