July 5, 2018


The Elephant in the Room range was released by Fourth Wave Wines in an effort to deliver consumers full bodied, flavourfull wines from the Limestone Coast in Australia and not be shy in doing so. The Elephant in the Room is that many consumers love rich, big wines but are often shy in professing this, no doubt due to the current trend of refined, lighter style wines rather than the old fashioned, big flavoured, heavy wines of the past. Elephant in the Room seeks to challenge this with its loud and proud product position.

Comprised of a Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon these wines all have seriously mouth filling, bold flavours, the ‘bigness’of these wines are reflected in the cheeky elephant illustrations on the packaging, and the play on words of the varietals titles.

The Elephant in the Room labels pack a serious punch of adventure and slapstick comedy. The use of a retro illustration style engages the consumer and creates a sense of whimsical story telling. The premiumness of the graphics on the canned format help to communicate the premiumness of the product inside.

Designer :Denomination

Locality : Ultimo Sydney , Australia

Project : Elephant in the Room canned wine