February 27, 2018

Cann Creative

Based in Warrington, UK, 3 Pugs Gin create premium true small batch gins using their signature 8 exquisite botanicals.

For the 3 Pugs redesign, we implemented a quirky, fun illustration style which tied together the 3 pugs who inspired the brand, with the 8 botanicals used to create the unique flavour. Using simple linework illustrations with a subtle watercolour wash to bring the pugs to the forefront of the design, remaining classy but fun in tone.
Clean typography and an array of premium print finishes were used to ensure the quality nature of the product was conveyed clearly, without losing the fun, cheeky brand personality, which is echoed by the leaning “drunken” bottle.

Creative Agency : Cann Creative

Locality : York, United Kingdom

Project : 3 Pugs Gin