July 30, 2018

Bruno Moreni

Locally brewed in the interior of São Paulo, Gueda is a project created by two agronomy engineers with knowledge, respect for seeds, planting, harvesting and passion for the craft beer process. The brand seeks to expand the craft beer market combining flavour, quality and design which are the main characteristics of this market. Appealing to the beer consumption volume of the region, Gueda launch its amazing American Pale Ale as main product. Always looking for the new, the brand seeks to expand the craft’s beers market in the interior of the state.

The logo was inspired by Ceres, who was the goddess of agriculture, grain crops and fertility. Ceres was credited with the discovery of spelt wheat, the yoking of oxen and ploughing, the sowing, protection and nourishing of the young seed, and the gift of agriculture to humankind. The goddess was the main concept and from this, all elements of visual identity were created based on its form or on figures attached to it or its function.

Designer : Bruno Moreni

Locality : Dublin, Ireland

Project : Gueda Brewing Co. –