January 26, 2018


BRANDSUMMIT presents the new image of Ricard Camarena Restaurant.

The Valencian chef Ricard Camarena was looking for a new image for his Michelin star awarded restaurant, Ricard Camarena Restaurant, and separate it from his own personal branding.

“Gazing at the sky” was the motto that was rescue to develop the design and that took as a concept the inclination of the terrestrial axis and its 23.5º responsible for the changes of seasons and temperature.

The result: a custom logo and a series of icons with multiple applications within the restaurant. A versatile identity, applied to its new website, designed and programmed with aesthetics and functionality in mind.

Creative Agency : Brandsummit

Graphic design : Alex Monzó

Web design : Francisco Mónaco

Photography : Pedro MecinasFrancisco Mónaco & Alex Monzó

Locality : Valencia, Spain

Project : Ricard Camarena Restaurant