February 23, 2017

Yusuke Taguchi Design

KIYOI 清い = “clean, clear, pure” in Japanese.

A local textile company of Wakayama had kept this base concept to itself.

We started to growing the brand that keep cleaning and bodycare make your life “KIYOI”.


All original products are made in Wakayama, Japan. At Kouyaguchi town, there is the production area of the pile woven. It’s a grateful post where is surrounded by beautiful river and majestic mountain.


Product developments of body wash towel and kitchen cloth more than 100 peaces, from the packaging design to the general art direction, and the interior design planning for the first shop, YUSUKE TAGUCHI DESIGN designed them totally.

We gave some idea to this brand packaging.

The part of the cloth triangle cloth is devised such that the customer wants to touch it unintentionally.

Although it takes time more than the usual folding method, the craftworkers of Wakayama which is the production area package carefully.We made the graphic simple with material information only. It expresses the brand name with only the tag which makes it not to be shown to the front side in the industry normally and gave the brand logo a thickness.

Creative Agency : Yusuke Taguchi Design  

Locality : Tokyo

Project : KIYOI – Household goods lifestyle brand –