May 11, 2017

Think Appart

HelloChurros! exports this typical Spanish snack to Thailand’s capital, Bangkok. With two stores currently open, you can find this delicious and sweet food in a new and exotic location. Appart_ partnered up with HelloChurros! to create a unique brand universe that could represent the brand values and was able to captivate the hearts of the most demanding Bangkok foodies.

The objective of the project was to create a young playful design identity that would communicate an unknown product to the Thai teenage cafe fan crowd.  The visual identity is created with iconographic hand-drawn illustrations which represent the world of churros and Barcelona. The illustrations are combined with 5 different brand colors with yellow as predominant to create patterns which are applied to the different packaging applications. The result is a family of selfie like packs which perfectly blended with the awesome ice cream churros creations of the chef.

High competition and market demand required the creation of a very versatile brand identity that would allow the chef to use new packaging and graphic solutions for his ever-changing menu creations.
The multiple color and pattern combinations, as well as a strong logotype family, allowed the concept to easily adapt or change in time. This flexibility is an essential value to create a long-lasting brand
awareness for any F&B dessert business trying to compete in the overcrowded Bangkok scene.


Designer : Think Appart

Locality : Bangkok

Project : HelloChurros!