May 4, 2017

Studio Monstera

Laboratory Garlic & Chilli Oils (Concept Project)

For our Laboratory Oil visual identity we set out to create a graphic language that is reminiscent of the high-school chemistry classes from a bygone era. This was achieved through the combination of an accessible bold graphic style (typically found on warning labels) and the heavy assertive tone of the copy (i.e: “high molarity” and “handle with care”).

The visual identity was inspired by constructivism and vintage stamps, with a deliberate mis-registration of coloured print layers throughout.

About Studio Monstera

We are creative design agency based in London, UK. One part Holly Maguire and one part James Gibbs. Together with our clients, we focus on delivering beautiful and well-crafted branding, design & illustration.

We met in 2007 during our BA (Hons) Illustration course at Cardiff School of Art and design. After both pursuing careers in graphic designer (while also freelancing as illustrators) we decided in 2016 to join forces to create work that is fun, friendly and unintimidating.

Designer : Studio Monstera

Locality : London, UK

Project : Laboratory Garlic & Chilli Oils