May 17, 2017


Icon illustration and graphic design for the labelling and packaging of a bold white wine.

Vicente Gandia is without a doubt one of the most important wineries in Spain, so receiving their call is always particularly encouraging. Yet we were even more enthusiastic when we learned about the nature of the order at hand: we had to develop the graphic design for one of their new white wines, one of its boldest: Ostras Pedrín!
‘Ostras Pedrín’ is a very deep-rooted expression of surprise in the catalogue of Spanish expressions, which was made famous by the 50s adventure comic strip, Roberto Alcázar y Pedrín. Therefore, we decided to dive into all of the comics of that saga and choose a series of well-known or outstanding characters and scenarios to reinterpret and illustrate them in a more up-to-date way. Once the fun and slightly rebellious line of icons had been developed, they ended up composing a texture that would accompany us throughout the adventure of consuming this unique wine.

In addition to illustrating all of the icons that appear in the graphics, we created retro lettering with loud colors, distinctive of the time period, as well as for the wine bottle’s label, seal, cork and product packaging. The premise at the time of taking on this work was that it would break the classic line of wine label design; the aim was to achieve a striking, different and attractive image for a younger market that was not used to consuming wine, even if it were inspired by a character from 1950s comics.
In short, we created an animated video piece to help communicate the claim of this very unique wine: ‘A total adventure.’

If you want, you can see the entire project here:

Designer : Pixelarte

Locality : Valencia, Spain

Project : Ostras Pedrín