August 10, 2017

Luz Soldano

Being hired to redesign their identity we worked upon building the story of the whole winery. Redesigned the portfolio under a marketing point of view and then design came as the outcome of the signed off strategy. El Porvenir means the future, what is still to come. It is the icon wine of this family owned winery in Cafayate, Salta, Argentina.

El Porvenir was supposed to be the luxury of being able to think long term. When we think of what is to come, we think about how legacies are passed down, about how the future plays a role, therefore this wine, had the challenge to express their ideas in their purest and most noble form.

No decoration, no make up and very pure design sustaining the cross or Chacana – indigenous icon. This is a very natural evolution of what they used to have, with a more Premium feel, with clear statements strait to the consumer. This packaging performs very comfortable in the super premium category of new world wines.

Designer : Luz Soldano

Locality : Argentina

Project : El Porvenir