October 28, 2017

Levente Bacs

Csupor is a Hungarian craft beer company. The brand is proud of their roots. The owner is one of the youngest and most talented brewer in Hungary. He wanted a whole new aspect and look for his brand. We didn’t want to follow any other Hungarian breweries, we would like to create a beautiful beer label that is unique in Hungary.  We are both big fans of the northern culture, that’s why our influences mostly comes from Scandinavia. We have tried to mix the brand roots with the fresh and minimalist style. For the labels we are trying to use recycled paper and environmentally friendly screen printing. In the future we would like to create paper with the brewing by-product. Knowing that the product will be available on the shelves of the stores, so we had to follow the trading rules while we created the concept.
I believe this whole new look is a good fresh restart for the brand. “Csupor beer is the best excuse to make new friends.”

Creative Agency : Levente Bacs

Locality : Budapest – Hungary

Project : Csupor Craft Beer