March 18, 2017

Katelynn Emons

The Slutty Lemon started off as a seed packaging project. As a millennial who doesn’t enjoy gardening myself I decided to create a product that fits a similar target market to myself. Most millennials like the idea of growing their own plants, but partying and complaining about life usually comes first. Which is why I created The Slutty Lemon! The seed packaging portion is based off the phrase “Life Sucks, Grow Your Own Lemons”. Inside you will find a small transparent container with 10 meyer lemon seeds and a small fold up on how to grow an indoor lemon tree. What you will also find inside this lemon packaging is a 56 card drinking game and mini cocktail kit. Each end of the lemon can detach from the middle serving as a measuring cup, to help assist make “Sleazy Lemonade” (recipe found on outside wrap). The entire container itself can then serve as a cocktail shaker. Once drinks are made users can then play “The Slutty Lemon Drinking Game” which is a combination of drunk jenga, but with cards, and dirty charades. 

Designer :  Katelynn Emons

Locality : Wisconsin, USA

Project : The Slutty Lemon