August 3, 2017


Candela processes and commercializes natural Peruvian products. It is the link between small producers and consumers from Peru and from others countries, with a different proposal which promotes the fair trade and the environmental responsibility. We had to reinvent its identity and develop the packaging of the various business units.

At a brand level we proposed an Imagotype based in a simple and geometric “candle”, doing a direct reference to its name (“Candela” means “Candle” in Spanish). This creates a strong contrast with illustrations that have as main character the hands of the producers of their supplies, and that shows the variety of nature it self, showing the care that Candela takes with all the members of the supply chain. For the premium chocolate business unit, we worked on illustrations that were ad hoc to every type. For the rest of the business units, we established a graphical system which starts with the Logo and describes the different products.

Designer : Infinito Consultores

Locality : Lima, Perù

Project : Candela