July 27, 2017

Herr Burli

The most ubiquitous products often come in the most boring package. Together with my wife, we reengineered the humble vegetable stock, or broth. Our product is based on a simple-yet-genial recipe, consisting of pure raw vegetables preserved in crunchy sea salt. It has a one year shelf life, though we doubt it will see much of that shelf.

The packaging is a fine cubical paper box bound by a sash. Its paper has a natural feel, printed with illustrations of vegetables in old-fashioned cookbook style. Upon removing the sash, an aperture in the shape of an onion appears. Inside is a solid glass with a metal cap and label. The vessel has a handy, modern shape – and is perfectly air-tight.

A minimalist modern design contrasting with classic illustrations gives a certain graphic tension.

What’s Unique?

A product for Daily Life – redesigned with an attitude of High Value.

Designer : Herr Burli

Locality : Switzerland

Project : Gmües Bouillon