November 20, 2017


Boxcar Brew Co is a new small-batch craft brewery, focussing on an ever-changing line-up of bold and interesting flavours.

Imagining the brewers as modern-day hobos who ‘ride the rails’ in search of new opportunities, we captured that spirit of freedom and expressed it visually with abstract art, created by a number of UK and North American artists to reflect the Anglo-American partnership of the founders.Each image represents a different brew style, e.g. Dark, IPA, Red, Yeast, etc.

Taking inspiration from the graphics found on real-life boxcars, we created a code to express each family and edition of that style (for example, DRK-001 is the first edition of Dark beer, DRK-002 is the second edition, and so on).

The label itself takes you on a journey as you rotate the bottle to reveal the key information for each brew.

Creative Agency : D-Studio

Locality : UK

Project : Boxcar Brew Co