July 26, 2017

Candid Brands

Organic native pork sale per kilo, cold pressed juices & homemade Yucatan marinades.

Inspired by Charles Darwin and his scientific theory of natural selection. We pay tribute to Mexican Creole hairless pig and The Yucatan gastronomy. The unique mixture of spices, wild plants and the excellent taste that cooking in a Mayan underground oven gives. A native product.

The client contacted us asking for a cardboard that he could hang outside of his commerce to see by people who passed by. We saw the opportunity to make something different, and he allowed us to propose something far more than the typical street sign.

From the beginning, the client and his product attached to his Mayan roots and tradition of cooking underground, using only Creole hairless pig that he is breeding instead of the Iberian pig (commonly known pink pig). The Creole hairless pig only fed with hormone-free food and wild plants around the area. Which are plants you can find on virgin soil in Yucatan, his hometown. Those plants and fruits are a rich source of protein, grown wild and naturally in vast quantities.

The feeding process is slow but with a lot of quality involved. Native people can feel the difference, the Mayan tradition and the cultural support. Inspired by that we built through his brand, based on the background of the final principal product that is cochinita pibil. A Yucatan gastronomy emblem.

It is the first cochinita pibil with a real branding and quality experience in Yucatan. People only habituated to the production of the street sale of ‘tacos’, ‘tortas’ and the canned commercial brands, that have poor quality and give no credit to any people or tradition. It is the first time that cochinita pibil like this gives real and cultural background. The design reflects the effort, quality, knowledge, and support to local producers.

Designer : Candid Brands

Locality : Merida, Mexico

Project : Nativo