August 1, 2017

Brand Opus

Badger is a true heritage brewery with seven generations having led the creation of ales in the rural Dorset countryside. Collector’s Edition was to designed as an investment-worthy piece which can also be laid down to enjoy in years to come. The packaging design needed to reflect the utmost care, precision and innovation taken with creating the unique brew itself.

The 75cl bottle is shaped like a badger’s head, decorated in the familiar black and white stripes, with the nose represented by a corked neck adorned with a hand-waxed seal. This Collector’s Edition has been grogged into Champagne style bottles, complete with agglomerate cork and hand-dipped gloss black wax seal, reinforcing the exclusive positioning of this unique brew. Using a white lacquer and hand-painted black stripes the bottle becomes an expression of The Badger itself. The craft continues onto the outer tube with leaves from local Dorset woodland used to create a pattern symbolic of a Badger’s sett. When night falls, the elusive Badger is ready to emerge from its cosy, leafy home. The simplicity and charm of the visual idea creates a truly unique and desirable collectable for the ale connoisseur.

Designer : Brand Opus

Locality : United Kingdom

Project : Badger Ales Collector’s Edition