October 10, 2017

Belen Paoletti

Cava del Oliva is inspired by their first quality raw material. Just like in the old herbarial books can be closely observed the characteristics of this before mentioned.

In addition, Aires de Mendoza S.A. agro-industrial development is to have the least environmental impact possible. The climate and soil conditions, the antiquity of the olive-trees, it’s care and the environmental responsability, allow them to obtain a raw material of excellent quality, constant and sustainable over time

What’s Unique?
The philosophy of the company is transmitted in a subtle but direct way. It represents the environmental responsibility in a unique and original way, as well as the quality products with a low cost and without overlooking the budget of the company.

Creative Agency : Belen Paoletti

Locality : Mendoza, Argentina

Project : Cava del Olivia