March 8, 2017

Arkadiusz Stanikowski

Kupiec is among the major healthy food manufacturers in Poland. They have been operating in the market since 1987.
They needed to redesign their export product line for English-speaking countries.
Matzoh (matza) is traditional jewish flatbread, made from wheat flour. Kupiec wanted to show that it is great, natural, healthy snack for everybody and it can be served with dip sauces (like an alternative for fat crackers).
Having regard to these facts:
1. the product’s competition had already good, established position in the market,
2. today colorfull, over-designed packages are outshouting one another each other from the store shelves…
…I decided to use irregular shape, atypical way of opening and simpler design, so product can stand out from the crowd.
Matzoh have only simple, natural ingridients and
I wanted these qualieties also to stay behind the design idea.

Designer : Arkadiusz Stanikowski

Location : Warsaw, Poland

Project : The French Co.

Client : Kupiec