August 13, 2017

Anjana Narayan

Thread Paper Scissors is a DIY book binding kit that provides you with all the necessary tools and materials needed for any bookbinding project.
The kit contains a tool kit that one can purchase , it includes everything a person needs to embark on the journey to bookbinding!
Different kinds of bookbinding kits for beginners as well as advanced level binders are available. Each kit includes materials that would be necessary for the binding you would like to learn ,without you having to spend another minute hunting for supplies!
The kit contains illustrated manuals that provide an easy to follow step by step instructions for all age groups.
Once you have purchased an entire kit you need not buy it again! The refill packs help you replenish your needed book binding supplies without having to purchase the entire tool box!

Designer : Anjana Narayan

Locality : Pune, India

Project : Thread Paper Scissors