February 10, 2017

Alex Kodimsky - 43'oz Design Studio

Metafora wine is a premium class product from wine-making
company  Gogu  Winery  from  2015  year  production. Top grade wine is
presented  in  a  blending  of  several  varieties  of  wines: Merlot,
Cabernet  Sauvignon  and Saperavi and has a poetic name Metafora. The
history  of  wine-making  company  "Gogu  Winery"  is rooted in past 4
generations  in  a  family Gogu. The brand "Gogu Winery" is based on a
powerful  image  -  the  roots that take its rise from the monogram of
Gogu   family  name  and  symbolize  the  authenticity,  heritage  and
connection  between generations on the one hand, and a huge, long-term
experience in grape growing and constant development on the other.

Creative Agency : Alex Kodimsky – 43’oz Design Studio

Locality : Kishinau, Moldova

Project : Wine design